Saturday, November 22, 2008

On marrying foreign men- and Skype

Lisa's leaving us!  

Let this serve as a warning- do not marry a man from the Netherlands, no matter how wonderful he is.  (And Michiel is wonderful.)  Lisa and Michiel will be settled in the Netherlands by Thanksgiving, and the rest of us Slushies will have to figure out how to incorporate Skype into our critique group.

We meet at a local Panera (free WiFi!) and I have a PowerBook.  We hope Skype will allow Lisa to play a part in the critiques, even though our meeting won't even start until after midnight for her.  I can just imagine us passing around my laptop.  And what happens if we start fighting about someone's work?  (That's one of my favorite times: a few Slushies absolutely for what one person wrote, other Slushies completely against.  Always a sign the writer's on to something good.)  Our fights- passionate discussions, rather- aren't exactly orderly.  What happens to my laptop then?  I doubt we could pass it around fast enough, and there will be poor Lisa in the Netherlands, mug of tea in hand, watching a deserted screen pointed at some random spot in Panera- probably at someone who chews with his mouth open.  

Anyway, we'll let you know how it goes.  Our first international Slushbuster meeting won't happen till after Thanksgiving.  

Goodbye, Lisa!  We love you.

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Michelle said...

I second that! At least we know Lisa will be visiting in May. If not, we'll have to hold her belongings hostage.