Friday, March 20, 2009

Virginia Festival of the Book

This is one of my favorite weeks here in Central Virginia. Charlottesville is host of the Virginia Festival of the Book. I attended the first of the events in "my book bag" last night. Several of the Slushbusters are meeting up tomorrow to spend at least part of the day wandering around downtown, listening to panels discussing everything from first pages to agents and marketing. We'll drop by the book fair and see what's new. We plan to meet up with some SCBWI folks from Charlottesville and Northern Virginia as well. The best part about all this is that most of the events are free. If you're anywhere in the area and want to spend some time in the company of authors, editors, agents, and most importantly at this event, readers, check it out.

I'm sure we'll be blogging about it next week.


Lisa said...

Oh, I wish I were in the area! I'm so jealous that you all get to go. Have extra fun for me.

At least we're finally getting sun in this cold, cold country after a long winter. :)

I'm looking forward to hearing all about the Book Fest.

Michelle said...

So far all I've been to is Sam Abell. He is a photographer who has worked for National Geographic for 35 years and has several books of his photos. He was supposed to present a slide show at our library last night, but there were technical problems.

Years of photojournalism left Mr. Abell with the ability to improvise, so he spoke while he held up copies of his books so we could see the pictures. He was an excellent speaker, and in the end no one minded missing the slides.