Thursday, May 14, 2009

What are your favorite blogs?

Everyone has a few favorite blogs. 

It's hard to keep this list short, but some of my favorites are:

Miss Snark's blog. This was the first writing blog I ever read. And I started reading after the anonymous, gin-guzzling, stiletto-wearing, Clooney-loving agent stopped blogging. The archives are great. I learned so much about the writing industry, and the query and hook contests helped me understand how to craft my own. When I finish my novel. Which is now up for another round of revisions.

But I digress.

Query Shark. This is run by Janet Reid, who critiques real live queries. The results aren't always pretty, but they are instructive.

Editorial Anonymous. Great site for children's writers. Again, the archives are worth reading through, and the occasional slushpile contribution makes me believe that I do have a shot at being published. 

Oh! And then there's Nicola Morgan's site. The posts are a tad technicolor, but what else would you expect from someone who owns turquoise boots? This Scottish author of more than 90 published books has tons of good advice. And it's fun to Google the random Brittish terms that pop up now and then... crisps, crabbit. Good stuff.

So tell me. What are your favorite writing blogs? I'd love to find more good ones. 

It's not like I should be writing or anything...


Tess said...

Those are some great ones. I like Bloomabilities (when she posts) - that is the blog of children's book editor Alvina Ling. I also like Alice's CWIM blog. And, of course I love the querytracker blog. It has a fantastic "Friday Pulse" post each week with up to date agent/industry news.

Michelle said...

Add to those already mentioned Pub Rants, the Class of 2k9 blog, and the Rejecter.

Sarah said...

I hadn't visited Boomabilities, Tess. Thanks.

Michelle, I visited Pub Rants once or twice and meant to go back and read through the archives. Thanks for the reminder.

Good websites!