Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did anyone notice

the NaNoWriMo widget in the right margin? I have signed up. Last night at our meeting Sarah tried to convince me to put in one of the word count widgets. We'll see. I told her I'd do it if I'm not the only Slushbuster with one up there. She says she'll sign up.

I've been struggling with changing one of my picture book stories into a MG novel. I've thought up new characters, a structure, and new events to help it build. But the writing hasn't gone that well, and I keep second-guessing myself. I've written about four different versions of a first chapter, but haven't gotten much beyond that. So I signed up for NaNoWriMo to force me to just write it and stop thinking about it. I'd put it aside and let it go, but it's a story that's been in my head for 20 years, and I'd like to get it out of there and into the world.

Last night, Steph and Joan were trying to convince me to write a completely different story. I don't even remember how we got on this subject, but I was telling them about a major event that happened to me as a ten-year-old. The more I told them, the more they were convinced it should be a story. I have a lot to work with, including a diary I kept at the time, and somewhere, a scrapbook my mom made. I don't have a plot exactly, but there's potential. So I guess this may be NaNoWriMo for next year. Or this year if I remain stuck on the first chapter of my original plan.

Anyone else signed up?


Jennifer Major said...

MIchelle - I've signed up for NanoWrimo as well. And, even if we fail miserably, atleast we can share that failure with our blogger friends! Last year, I crashed!

20 years, huh? Did you have an initial gut feeling about the age group for your new WIP?

Michelle said...

Way back when, I worked at an after school program. We made up stories, and this was the favorite. I guess most of the kids involved were about 7-10 years old.

This story stuck in my head, evolving over time. I started it as a picture book and have umpteen versions of it as such, but they either run too long or just don't work. But it won't go away, so I'm revisiting it as a longer piece. It's a silly story, so I immediately thought PB, but then I remembered Roald Dahl.

Davin Malasarn said...

I just signed up yesterday. I'm excited about it, but like you, I'm questioning my choice of projects at the moment. I was planning to try my hand at YA literature, but last night I felt more hesitant. We'll see!

Sarah said...

I signed up. I must be out-of-my-mind-crazy.

I've decided to challenge Michelle to a write-off. I'll have a widget that shows my progress. I hope she'll do the same....

Michelle said...

Challenge accepted. I'll post my widget if you post yours! Can we do two on here?

Sarah said...

I was going to ask you about that... I don't see why not. And there's also a widget that tracks competition, but you need three people, I think.

I should probably call you and work it out then

Lisa said...

I've wanted to sign up for the last few years, but it seems I'm always moving to a new country or some other thing that sucks up my time. Excuses, excuses!

This year, I'm plowing through revisions on my WIP, hoping I can send it out before my new baby arrives in Feb. It's going well, so I don't want to interrupt the flow. Maybe next year?

I'm super excited about everyone who has signed up, and I can't wait to hear about your progress. Way to go!!!!