Monday, December 8, 2008

Kids Say Amazing Things

My 14 year old said something amazing the other day. He has no idea how it affected me.

He was talking about his English teacher. He said, "I really like Mrs. A_____. She's really really smart. She's, like, the smartest person I know."


"She's almost as smart as you, Mom."


Took my breath away. Here I am, stay at home Mom, bemoaning how people don't know how smart I am because they only know me as a stay at home Mom. Feeling less because I don't have a PhD or a high-powered job, even though I am smart enough to have either or both if I had made different life choices.

And along comes this goofy 14 year old kid, himself an honors student, to say something like that in such matter-of-fact manner. He wasn't meaning to compliment me, which made it all the better to me.


I have lists of other amazing things my kids have said or that I have said to my kids, but I think I will let this particular one stand alone. Forgive me while I bask?

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Sarah said...

You've got a great (and perceptive!) son.