Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Punishing You with Spaghetti

I have a dear friend from Bosnia.  

I've been spending the holidays at my parents' house and she visited this evening.  When I teased her about a small mistake she'd made this afternoon, she declared, "Fine!  I will go punish myself with spaghetti."  

Mom had prepared spaghetti for dinner this evening and protested that eating it wasn't punishment.  (It wasn't.  I should make that clear.)

"No," said Enesa.  "You know, I will hit myself with spaghetti."

Then, as the heavens opened and angel choirs sang, I asked, "You mean beat yourself with a wet noodle?"

"Of course!"

Of course.  

I love my friend, and I suppose that if you're a low-carb fiend, I could, indeed, punish you with spaghetti.  

Soon to follow: Random Word Facts about something that puzzled Dickens.  (I so need that Muppet Show Pigs in Spaaace music and voiceover for a moment like this.)

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Alison said...

I have a friend from Sweden. he was an exchange student our senior year in high school. Spoke perfect King's English (ie. British accent)and was completely fluent. But with NO slang at all.

One time we were teasing him and he said "Cut me some slacks!"