Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slush of a different kind

Like most of you on the East Coast, we've been snowed in for a few days. Here in Virginia it snowed for about 24 hours, Friday Night through Saturday night, with a total of around two feet. Because I live in a pretty rural area, our road wasn't plowed until Monday night. Well, some guy with a backhoe did come down the street Sunday afternoon, but I lived for years in upstate New York and that is not my definition of "plowing."

Today people are finally getting out and going about the business of living outside their homes. I'm torn. The library is open, but the roads, at least in my subdivision, are still terrible. I'm sick of being in the house, but uncertain of what may happen when I try to drive. Is it brave or foolish to venture out?

It struck me as similar to publishing. I want to send my work out there, but submitting to publishers can be a grit-your-teeth experience. You have to be brave to do it, although some may say you're foolish. But if you don't at least try, you end up stuck in your house, forever waiting for a thaw that might not come. Oh, sorry, I'm back on the snow thing again.

In both cases, I'm prepared as I can be. For the publishing, I've researched agents and publishers, read in my genre, and spent time reworking and polishing anything I decide to submit.

Today I will venture forth into the world. I will dress warmly, take my cell phone, and perhaps a container of ice melt, just in case.


Sarah said...

Boy, does that view look familiar!

How did the driving go today? I was in town this afternoon, and aside from crazy traffic, all was well. Now, *yesterday* was an entirely different situation...

Michelle said...

Going out wasn't so bad. The roads out here are very unevenly plowed, alternating between bare pavement and several inches of packed snow and ice, so it's kind of bumpy. Getting home was terrifying. I was driving up the big hill, trucks in front and in back of me, and my tires just spun! I had to back all the way down, wait in a driveway until all the trucks were gone, and then put it in first and hit the gas! I made it up the hill on the second try (unintentional metaphor for submissions?), but was pretty shaken when I got home. I have to go to town today, and I'm not looking forward to the drive home.

Sarah said...

29 and 250 were that way on Monday. Oh. My. Word. I had to take a friend into town Monday and it took me three hours round trip, muttering prayers the entire time.

However, your experience coming back up the hill takes the cake. Glad you got home!

Suzette Saxton said...

Best of luck on all counts! Love your group - what a lucky bunch to have each other.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Suzette! And Sarah, they came back through with another plow yesterday afternoon after some of the thawing, so the roads should be clear. Just in time for the ice we're due to get tonight!