Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video Bloopers

Remember back in the summer when the girls from the library book club made StoryTube videos? Well, the clips from the video based on Rodzina are up. It hasn't been edited, but rather posted as a series of blooper videos. This one is my favorite of the two longer clips that really show what the story is about.

Rodzina is an orphan from Chicago in the 1880's. She is traveling west on an orphan train with a group of other children, supervised only by Mr. Szprott and Miss Doctor. Rodzina as the oldest often has to look after the other children. Rumors among the group have her convinced they will all be sold into slavery. In this scene, two old sisters have just adopted Rodzina against her wishes and are driving home from the train station.

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Sarah said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing, Michelle.