Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A slow week, and a busy one

The Slushbusters are meeting tonight, but it should be a short meeting. I'm the only one who sent something to be critiqued. It seems like everyone else has either just finished a WIP, or their lives are exceptionally busy right now. So it's a slow week for critique. I won't even need to bring my computer to this evening's meeting, as Lisa won't be joining us via Skype. Weird.

In other aspects, this is a very busy week for us. It's the week of the Virginia Festival of the Book. If any of you in Virginia haven't been here for it before, it would be worth a couple of hours' drive from Northern VA even just to spend the day on Saturday. Our local SCBWI is sponsoring three panels, and there are several others featuring childrens' authors. We're looking forward to seeing some of the authors we know and have interviewed here, and also meeting some new ones.

If you'll be going, keep an eye out for us. Better yet, leave a comment, and we can keep an eye out for each other!


Amy Tate said...

I've had such a week so I won't be able to attend. But Becky Mushko, one of our members will be there. Her new picture book, Ferradiddledumday took first place at the CNU conference this past weekend. Hopefully, ya'll can meet.

Sarah said...

That would be so fun to see her, Amy. Perhaps we'll bump into her at some of the SCBWI forums.