Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long time, no blog. How've you been?

I discovered over the last couple of weeks how very much we Slushbusters, and probably the whole writing community, really stay in touch via the internet.

I was out of town for six days. I had my laptop with me, but the place where I stayed didn't have wi-fi, and we were so gosh darn busy I only got to a local library once to check emails and blogs while I was away. Then I was home for three days, barely got caught up, and left town again for two days more.

Now that I've landed, I realize how much I missed everyone. I missed one Slushbusters meeting. Just one. But I feel like I haven't seen the gang in ages. I realized it's because I missed out on all the day to day emails that circulate among the group. Now, we're not all emailing each other all day long. We do have lives. But we check in. Maybe not daily, but every couple of days someone has a question or a submission or some news.

The same thing is beginning to be true of my new blog group over at Searching for a Good Read. The group sends quick emails to ask a question or give one another a heads-up that a post is forthcoming. When I returned from being away, I felt like I was out of the loop.

Since I've gotten home, I just want to communicate! I'm reading blogs, commenting, checking facebook. I didn't find that I desperately needed the Internet while I was away from it, but it is good to feel connected again. Does this mean I'm a writer?


Steena Holmes said...

My hubby thinks its an addiction. I've tried to explain to him it's a lifeline as a writer. He doesn't get it.

Christine Fonseca said...

We missed you too! Glad to have you back.

Tess said...

Yes, it does mean you are a writer. We are wired different, I think.

Good to have you back. Is it spring there, too?

And..wanted to let you know that I linked to you ladies in my post today. I hope Sarah doesn't mind. It has to do with some advice she gave me a while back that I had a recent experience with. I was SO VERY GRATEFUL for her advice and really wanted to pass it along. We need to help each other navigate this internet sometimes.

Sarah said...

It's so good to have you back on the blog, Michelle! I was beginning to run out of things to blog about.

And I'm so excited that you'll be at the next meeting. It just wasn't the same without you. : )

Michelle said...

I read on a blog a while ago about being a compulsive creator. That's definitely me, and not just in writing.

Tess, we've moved straight through spring to summer. Warm and humid in these parts.

And thanks, Sarah. We were in town by then, but only just. After a nine hour drive I would not have been a happy critiquer.

Amy Tate said...

Yep! And a techno junkie too. Glad you're back and I hope you had a great break!

Michelle said...

Amy, I know! I went from being virtually internet illiterate to a techie in under three years. Seriously, I used to have to call the husband every time I wanted to get a picture off the digital camera. And now I'm Slushie tech support for blogging and Skype, and the IT guy at my library called me a tech guru because I always show him new stuff I've figured out that he didn't know. Who'da thunk it?