Friday, April 30, 2010

How did I forget to post this?!?

I've decided I'm going to blame every bit of idiocy that I can on that fact that I've been a bit busy lately. (And believe me, there's been a lot of idiocy.)


Here goes. Our good friend (and chocolate lover) Steena Holmes is hosting a OMG blog contest with Stina. There are prizes including a query critique, a first pages critique (by Michelle and I) and ...


I apologize for the failing to point you towards the contest earlier, but hope I've mentioned it in time for you to still take advantage of it. You have till May 3.


Steena Holmes said...

Like seriously - how could you forget ;) LOL ... when I rework my first page can I resubmit?

Oh - and have I mentioned just how awesome you guys are???

Sarah said...

Steena, I'd been thinking about the contest- just didn't remember that I hadn't mentioned it. : )

I hear chocolate helps the memory. How 'bout you do the world a favor and send me a little help?

(And of course you can resubmit!)

Steena Holmes said...

Do you have any idea how hard it will be for me to share my chocolate with one of the winners? OMG - I'm dreading the thought ;)

MissV said...

Popped over from a link on Steena's site. Looking forward to more posts!

Sarah said...

So nice to have you, Miss V! Thanks for coming by.