Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's always quietest when everyone is working

At least, I like to think so. We've been quiet on the blog this past couple of weeks, but I think we're all engaged in our own work, which is a good thing.

I, for one, am reading like crazy. Not only am I checking out new work to review on Searching, I'm looking at an assortment of work by the faculty of the Highlights Foundation workshop. This is a good time to be in the library almost every day! I know it's unreasonable to try reading everything, but I want to at least be familiar with some of those authors' books. I'm skimming a bunch, and reading a few that really strike me.

Steph and Joan are gearing up for the Mid-Atlantic SCBWI novel revision retreat. It's in the Shenandoah National Park, which is practically our own backyard. I took these photos when I was up there with my husband around this time last year. And while I don't think the writers will be hiking out to the waterfalls, those mountain views are visible from the lodge where the retreat is held. Who wouldn't be inspired by looking at that? I can't wait to hear what they learn there. If I wasn't going to Chautauqua, I'd have signed up myself.

Summer is almost here, and those of the group who are teachers will probably have more time to write. At least, that's the plan, if we can only keep our butts in the chairs!


Rachele Alpine said...

Oh wow, that writing retreat sounds awesome! I keep reading about writers who are getting cabins or going on writing vacations, and it's making me jealous. I think a writing vacation sounds perfect!

Sarah said...

Rachele, you should so see if you can disappear and write for a weekend!

Yay for Slushie summer camps. We do have some good outings planned this summer.

I know I've been trying to concentrate on my writing lately. It is very hard to blog and write. I can either blog or write, but both at the same time is taxing for some reason!

Tess said...

ooo, you guys are working. And, it seems you'll be mixing some fun into that work, too. perfect.