Monday, June 14, 2010

One step closer

Last night Sarah and I Skyped each other. This is funny, because we were probably within five miles of each other. But given time constraints and the desire to have a face-to-face conversation, it worked.

We wanted to go over our workshop choices for Chautauqua. There are about three different sessions offered during each time slot, and we were asked to choose a priority order. We wanted to check in with each other before submitting our final choices. As usually happens in these situations, we found some time slots that offered more than one workshop we really wanted to attend. Other time slots offered choices that didn't particularly jump out at us.

In both cases, we took the approach of working as a team. If two workshops we wanted to attend were going on at the same time, we each listed a different one as our first priority. We're hoping to be split up, and then we can swap notes. In the other case, we looked to what we might be able to bring back to the group as a whole. I may not be especially interested in early readers or writing about nature, but Steph and Joan are.

Each time we learn more details about the week, it feels just a little more real.

In other news, Steph and Joan went to the SCBWI Mid Atlantic Revision Retreat over the weekend. We're hoping they have lots of good information to share.


Tess said...

I remember being so excited for the workshops..then having my first critique and missing some of them to rewrite before my second critique...

but, the ones I attended were great and you gals will have such fun.

Sarah said...

I remember you blogging about your critique, Tess. I think the critique is one part of Chautauqua I'm most looking forward to.

Kristi Tuck Austin said...

I am so excited for you ladies. Please keep us filled in about your preparations and your time there.

Michelle said...

Kristi, thanks for the vote of confidence! After I posted this, I thought, "I hope we're not boring everyone with this." But we're supposed to be sharing the journey, and this is a big part of it right now.

Kristi Tuck Austin said...


You are not boring me. I want to hear about your journey so I can do excited fist pumps in front of my computer as I cheer you on.