Monday, July 19, 2010


Boy, are those Spinellis smart.

We had a barbecue today, and while everything was being prepared, Jerry and Eileen Spinelli talked to us. (How amazing is that!!!!) They asked each other the questions they hear most often and then answered them.

My favorite takeaway was about ideas. You know I hate the concept of ideas equaling stories. I am convinced that good books are all about the execution of an idea- not the idea itself.

However, Eileen made an excellent point about why new authors especially focus on finding ideas. It isn't that they don't have ideas.

It's that they don't trust them. They're not sure it's a good idea. They're not sure it's grand enough. But Eileen said writing is not a case of capturing grand ideas so much as "the ability to pull the grandness up out of an ordinary day."

So take a second look at a few ideas that you have. Maybe they're ideas for new stories, or maybe they're ideas about how to make your current work in progress better. But give them a chance. Give them something cool to drink and sit down and chat a while. You might discover your ideas aren't so bad after all.

Let us know: how do you treat your ideas? What do you do with them? Have you found it easier to trust yourself the more you write?


Andrea Mack said...

Great point. I find that I overcomplicate my stories; perhaps it's because I don't trust enough in my own ideas.

Tess said...

It's so fun to see you girls having such a great time.... and, I agree that we can overthink our stories.

That being said, I still obsess on the plot concepts (or ideas). Maybe it is a lack of faith.

PS... linked Michelle on my post today, just fyi

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I'm still stuck on your first paragraph. How amazing to have a BBQ with the Spinellis!

Michelle said...

Every moment is amazing in some way here.