Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call for a book review blogger

I'm also part of a book review blog over at Searching for a Good Read. We review middle grade and YA books, because we read a lot of them, and we love them. One of our bloggers has recently left the group, so we're looking for a new blogger. She read a lot of YA, so we'd like to find someone else who does too. If you're interested, check out the post over there. If not, check out some of the reviews. We try to keep a mix of new stuff and classics. Thanks!


KarenG said...

Book review blogs do a tremendous work, and make a big difference. I'm convinced that these are the reviews that really count, more than the ones in trade mags, which are now doing reviews for money. Shame! Good luck finding a new reviewer!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Karen!

Tess said...

book bloggers rock! good luck in your quest...anyone would be luckyto work w/ you :D