Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For All the Picture Book People

This Friday begins National Picture Book Writing Week. Inspired by National Novel Writing Month, Paula Yoo is encouraging writers to write a picture book story every day for a week, beginning May 1. Check out the rules and register to participate on her website.

At the moment, none of the Slushbusters are working on picture books, but several of us have in the past. It might be time to dust off some of those IDEAS we've got sitting around!


Lisa said...

Thanks, Michelle, for letting us know. I had no idea.

As the Slushies know, I was pretty much only writing picture books for a while until I started this mg novel last september.

If I wasn't so engrossed with Annabel and her adventures, I might participate. It sounds like such fun. Then again, I should do it anyway as an exercise for fun and inspiration.

Tess said...

Out blog hopping today and came across yours -- I'm a MG aspiring author :) This looks like fun over here.

Michelle said...


We think so! Welcome to the discussion. We're mostly MG and YA these days, but a couple of us have dabbled in PB and Early Reader territory too.