Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't get it, and apparently, I'm not alone.

Unless you live in the antarctic or somewhere equally remote, you've heard about Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. While I try to stay current in publishing trends, I don't have time to read everything that comes across my desk at the library. This one, though, had so much buzz over so much time that I finally read the series. I don't get it.

The story is gripping, yes, and the characters and their situation are completely original. But I've had some trouble with the character of Bella. You see, she's the kind of girl I didn't like in high school, and hoped never to be. She ditches her friends for her boyfriend. Worse, she'll do anything to keep him from breaking up with her. In Bella's case, I mean that literally.

Today I see that I'm not alone in this opinion. This morning on Alice Pope's CWIM Blog, guest blogger Sara Raasch gives her opinion on the series. And it's a strong one. Mostly about Edward. If you're a fan of his, you may not want to read what she has to say. If you can get past the hype and passionate fan frenzy of teenage girls, you might see Twilight in a different light.

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