Friday, June 19, 2009

Procrastination Post

This is a procrastinating post. I'm supposed to be working on cover letters and applications. Instead, I'm ... here. 

However, my writing has helped this whole boy-do-I-need-a-new-job-that-includes-health-and-dental-by-September process along.

I think of cover letters as queries. I try to make sure the prospective employer finds the MC (that would be moi) engrossing. I include salient details, and trim everything else. I work to make every word count and keep the reading as enjoyable as possible. And I know that it will always take a while to write.

I'm applying (querying) widely.  I found my prior jobs through recommendations, so this full-tilt job search is new to me. I am so lucky, though, that I learned early in my oh-this-is-beautiful-stuff-I'm-writing-how-do-I-let-the-world-read-it* journey that I'd have to query a lot. A lot, a lot. So when my manuscript (that hasn't been worked on in over two weeks because I've been working on applications and cover letters) is finished, I'm know I'll have to beat the bushes and send out tons of queries. And I'm fine with that. I'm learning to be fine with that when it comes to applications as well. 

I just write it. You can have writer's block with applications as well. I want this one school to realize how hire-able I am, and , I swear, I could not fill out that one part that asks you to list Other Skills. I remembered what I do with my MS: just write something, 'cause it will get the blather out of the way. So, I made a copy of the application, and just wrote. It was blather, but now I know what to write. 

But enough about me. I'm need to take my advice and just write a bit more. I'd love to hear, though, how your writing helps you in the rest of your life. 

*That journey has long since been downgraded to the I-now-know-I'm-nowhere-near-Rowling-but-the-Slushies-say-I'm-improving shuffle.


Michelle said...

I was praised the other day for the way I wrote up the minutes from a staff meeting. Does that count?

Tess said...

fun comparison. Good luck with your job search. Any company would be lucky to have someone as creative as you on staff :)

Lisa said...

I got out of a speeding ticket in high school by writing about how sorry I was and that I wouldn't let it happen again and since it was my first offence, could the judge please, please cut me some slack. Only I wrote it much more eloquently. And hey, it worked!

Sarah said...

Michelle, I think if you can make minutes interesting, then you can just about write anything.

Thanks, Tess! I'm sure everything will work out fine.

Lisa, I can so see you doing that. I wish we lived in an era where letter writing was common. (E-mails SO do not count!) I know in my case, I sound much better on paper. I've quite a few conversations I wish I could go over with a red pen and revise until they were just right. : )