Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sparkly rocks

Noelle is one of the children I take care of. (My inner grammar geek is pointing and shrieking at the dangling participle, but I'm valiantly ignoring it because "of whom I take care" is far too formal.) 

She is one of the most perceptive children I know. I think part of it is because her neuromuscular disease has often kept her watching children play rather than joining them. As I was driving her and her siblings home earlier this week, five year old Noelle and I had the following conversation:

"Sarah, I'm glad I'm a kid and not an adult."

I'm concentrating on the road, but manage, "Why, Noelle?"

"Because adults move fast."

"What do you mean?"

"They walk fast. They don't see good things on the ground," says the collector of sparkly rocks and spotter of lucky pennies.

So I've been pondering the good things I miss when I concentrate on where I should be- instead of where I am. 

Take writing. I've been seeing only how I'm behind, how I've not written as much as I should and how I'm not too pleased with what has been written. But then I started looking at how I now know what I need to do with my MC. I'm pleased if I get 500 words down rather than wish I'd accomplished 1,000. Such things are the sparkly rocks of my writing, but noticing them does make a difference.

How about you? What are some of the small victories you've seen in your writing lately? 


Michelle said...

Don't worry, Sarah, I got the grammar rant out of my system.

My small victory is the big sheet of paper on the wall with the sticky notes color-coded to represent each of my characters. Once I finish adding all the notes, my book will be all laid out in a way that allows me to see the chronology, rise and fall of action, and the frequency of each character's appearance in the story.

Sarah said...

That's great, Michelle. I'm impressed. How long is the paper? I don't think I have wallspace for something like that....

I wasn't worried about you correcting grammar. : ) My inner grammar geek isn't as knowledgeable as yours, but it does notice that.

Sarah said...

"That" being dangling participles. My inner grammar geek has no trouble overlooking missing antecedants ... antecedents.

It even has trouble spelling them. : )