Friday, June 12, 2009

When the biggest party in town is for reading, even the animals get literary!

Alison and her daughter Bethany brought their donkey, Mr. Darcy, to the library the other day. It was all part of the big summer reading kickoff party at the library. What better way to get kids excited about reading than to throw a party?

The Friends of the Library provided a moon bounce, and volunteers contributed ice cream, face painting, a mini petting zoo, and of course story times throughout the evening. Hundreds of kids came to get new library cards and pick up their summer reading logs, which they can bring back each week to earn prizes.

In this world of electronic everything, it was great to see so many families come out for some good old fashioned hands-on activities. And, according to Alison, boy did they need it! Some kids thought poor Mr. Darcy was a goat!

Steph and her family came inside for books. Here she is with her daughter Elly.

I took that one from behind the circulation desk, where I spent most of the evening. We were inundated with happy kids checking out stacks of books. For once, the library wasn't quiet!


Tess said...

Now that's a fun way to get the community involved :D

Michelle said...

Absolutely. The way I look at it, when more kids read, everyone wins: the kids, the library, and the authors!

Lisa said...

Alison, I love that your donkey is named Mr. Darcy. I want to know the rest of your animals' names. Do you have a rabbit names Heathcliff? A horse named Holden?