Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good Advice

Every once in a while, I run over to Edittorrent, a great blog about all things writing. I started reading when they had a great series of posts on log lines and pitches.

Today, they had link to RU (something for you romance writers, Amy!). The post had some great advice about incorporating action into even the slow, introspective parts of your story. Nothing terribly new, just terribly well put.



Amy De Trempe said...

I have never been to the Edittorent blog before, nor have I been to Romance University. But I will be visiting again and again. I did pick up some tips on incorporating action. Thank you very much :).

Sarah said...

Hi Amy!

Today was my first time browsing RU. There are lots of resources there, whether you write romance or not. And the whole pitch thing on Edittorrent?

I'm going to take some time to put together a good pitch before going to the conference this October. I need a good log line.