Friday, August 21, 2009

In case you were looking for more writing blogs

Thanks go out this morning to Scott, one of our followers. He gave all his followers a shout out on his blog, A Writer's Blog. Link on over to see the list of his followers' blogs. There are lots of other writing blogs, and although I've seen a few, I intend to check out the others over the next few days.

Scott definitely gets the "Community Builder of the Day" award from me today.


Scott said...

In fairness, I only shouted out to 1/2 my Followers. The list was way too long and I had too little time. They'll be a second post sometime next week with the rest of them. Something to look forward too! : )


Michelle said...

True, but it's still a great idea!

Tess said...

Love, love Scott's blog. Who doesn't like a little snark in the morning??

Sarah said...

Oh, snark can be a very good thing with coffee. Or without.

Thanks, Scott! Great idea.

ANovelMenagerie said...

Congratulations. Your blog has been nominated for a 2009 BBAW Award. If you wouldn't mind sending me your email address, I'll send you a note about it!


BBAW Awards Committee