Friday, April 23, 2010

Alot of laughs

I found this link over at the Pub Rants blog. Enjoy the much needed humor- and the introduction to the Alot.

And if you feel like it, come back here and share your language/ grammar peeves in the comments section. Extra points if you provide an explanation that allows you to be civil when you come across the mistake. (I like the eagle/no caps explanation myself.)


Jayne said...

That post is brilliant! Thank you so much for pointing the way towards it. I now can feel ok with people who use 'alot' knowing they are actually refering to the little monster. :)

People that type in caps annoy me. How would I be civil - I guess I picture them with long false fingernails, so intent on their two finger typing that they miss they have hit the caps key, concentrating hard on their keyboard, tongue slightly poking out, ignoring their manic I DID THIS AND THIS on the screen, and then they publish, all proud with themselves. I canot fail to be civil. Perhaps!

Sarah said...


I couldn't resist. And I couldn't agree more with you. Love the tongue poking out bit.

TerryLynnJohnson said...

oh, that is great! I like it alot!