Thursday, April 1, 2010

A low grade fever?

I think I have a touch of spring fever. I know the dog does. He's out on the deck, watching squirrels flirt with each other in the trees in the backyard.

I have been kicking around a great idea for a blog post for about a week now. Have I written it? Nope. I'm in revision of a pretty intense section of my book. The next chapter is one of my favorites because of the frustrations of the MC. Am I working on that? Nope. I have a stack of books out from the library, many of which were written by the authors I saw at the Virginia Festival of the Book. They read excerpts, and I really do want to read more. Am I reading? Nope.

This morning, I am sitting here with all the windows open, listening to squirrels chattering and the occasional caw of a bluejay against the background noise of chirping songbirds. I'm a little chilly, but in that good springtime way that is not enough to make me want to put on a sweater. All I really want to do is tactile, sensory stuff. I want to knit and bake bread. So I'm giving myself permission to do that. The bread is rising on the counter. I started a small knitting project last night, which I plan to work on for a while before I go to the library today.

I guess I'm taking a kind of sick day. Spring fever counts, right?


Jayne said...

Spring fever definitely counts. Go on - enjoy your day and celebrate spring! I bet the smell of the freshly baked loaf is heavenly. :)

Where I am in London it is grey and cold, with a biting strong wind and slanted freezing raindrops. Although I saw some brave trees starting with their blossom. Nature thinks it is spring, but the weather is still in winter mode, and I still want to hibernate!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Oh, it's so nice hear too, I hear ya!
Way to go on your revisions!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the support! Jayne, I hope spring comes to your part of the world soon. I spent the month of April in Britain about ten years ago. Surely by now you have some hopeful daffodils coming up in the gardens.

Kristi Tuck Austin said...

Spring fever counts. Madeleine L'Engle says we need to take time to be still so we can be better prepared for the work. I think she's right. Granted, I think she's a literary guru. I hope you're enjoying the sunny, 80 degree weather today.

So sorry to hear the Houdini chef left C-ville. I was dreaming of going out that way for killer Chinese food.

Michelle said...

We did take advantage of the weather! Hope you did too.

Alison and I ate lunch at the Chinese place the day before we found out! The lunch was still about the same, so maybe the menu won't change too much.