Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let the games begin

Yay! It’s our first Slushbuster blog contest! As you know, brave souls contributed their pitches to be posted here.

Now it’s your turn, you wonderful blog readers you.*

Please give these folks feedback about their pitches. Do they give you a sense of the book? Do they make you want to read it? How’s the writing itself? You get the idea. And please remember to swing back by the posts you‘ve commented on. Our intrepid contestants may be sharing revisions in the comments.

As I said before, please be honest but not vicious. The Grammar Nazi stands at the ready to distribute her own brand of blog justice should comments get out of hand.

Here’s the contest timeline:

You’ll have through noon (EST) Friday to provide feedback on the pitches. The comments will close then.

By Friday evening, I’ll have all the revised pitches from our contestants in one post. You can vote for your favorite pitch through midnight Saturday.

For those folks who want to make sure everyone plays fair, you should know I changed the length rule a wee bit because often, short sentences are quite powerful. So, the new rule is four sentences or 100 words, whichever is best for the pitch-er. Forgive me for the last minute change! I’m feeling very aware of my newbie status in the whole contest-directing department.

Let the feedback begin!

Don't forget Pitches 1-6! You'll have to visit them by clicking "older posts".

*Yes, I was thinking about Porky Pig when I wrote that.

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