Thursday, February 18, 2010

Re: Not For Lisa

This was the subject line on many, many emails between most of the Slushbusters over the past several months. Lisa is expecting her second child any time now, and we wanted to do something special for her. So we knit her a blanket.

It was a challenge. It's hard to coordinate getting together often outside our regular meetings. While Sarah and I had been knitting for years, Steph and Bridget were new to knitting, Joan knew how to crochet, but not knit, and Alison had never knit before. And of course, Lisa is on Skype with us during meetings, so she can see us. But those of us who had been knitting for a while taught those who were new, and sometimes one of us hid her knitting under the table during a meeting. If Lisa had been in town, it would have been even more difficult to keep the project secret. We managed a few knitting get-togethers and one night to sew the whole thing together. Here are the photos of our progress:

Alison concentrated hard on her work.
We laid the squares out on the coffee table.
Bridget and Steph chatted while sewing squares together.

The finished blanket, pinned out for shaping.

Lisa on Skype, opening her package.
It took months, but we did it. We worked together, each bringing something a little different to the project. Each color square represents a different person. Some were knit in simple garter stitch, some in lacy patterns. Some were knit loosely, others with tight stitches. But somehow it all came together in one project. I look at it as representative of what we can accomplish when we work together.

Lisa loved it. And fortunately, none of those "not for Lisa" emails were leaked, so it was a surprise.


Jennifer Major said...

What a fabulous writing group you guys are! And, how so symbolic of a writing group the blanket is. I'm sure Lisa will cherish it!

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

What a lovely group of people you all are! So kind to have made Lisa such a gorgeous gift :)

Davin Malasarn said...

What a great gift, and it's so nice of you! I'm laughing a little bit at the thought of my writer's group trying to do the same thing.

Sarah said...

Davin, there were times whenwe laughed at the thought of making the quilt.

Wendy and Jennifer, when we weren't laughing at ourselves or yanking out stitches, we were having a great time. We love group projects- like this blog.

Lisa said...

I definitely will cherish it, and I can't wait till I can wrap my little one up in it! It could be any day now...

I feel so lucky to have such and amazing, thoughtful critique group!

Jayne said...

How lovely! Gosh you ladies are talented - the only time in life I ever tried to knit was making a scarf for my Sindy doll, which turned into a doll blanket, and then into some sort of drape, and then the whole thing unravelled (which was probably for the best).

It is so nice to make thoughtful gifts for people who touch our lives in some way. Love the fact Lisa opened it on Skype 'with' you guys!

Bridget said...

I've not been able to participate in the slushies meetings lately, due to my job teaching drama at a small, private high school, but I'm addicted to slushbusters (the people) so being a part of Lisa's blanket kept me connected to her and the group. I loved being a part of it.